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Second version of the update page demo went out with the weekly news post, and we've received a lot of good constructive feedback to chew on. The feedback on big things seems to have clustered around a few topics, and many of the issues that were brought up during the first iteration now seem to be non-issues; it feels like we're moving forward, and that makes me happy.

One thing that's been brought up in this iteration is how the new page seems busier, and how we need a simple view. I've been talking things over with other people, and giving serious thought to this; it's interesting because making things simple is not, in itself, simple!

It's definitely something that needs careful thinking about, so I've put it aside to simmer and have been working on other things.

Finally figured out the cause of the annoying red flash. In some cases, the body background color flashes briefly when the scrollbar position changes. It's specific to Firefox, but doesn't happen to Firefox on all OSes. The reports I've seen show that it occurs on Linux and Windows (and I've managed to duplicate there), but I haven't seen it yet on a Mac which is what I have on my laptop.

Now that I've tracked it down, it's much less mysterious, though no less annoying. I can't get rid of it entirely, but I've been able to make it much less painful by removing the redness. I wonder what it would take to get it fixed in Firefox itself? Hmmm.

Other stuff that's not out yet, new tags are editable now, and there's a full list of tags on the page *handwave*. I need a second opinion on how everything looks, which I shall get at some point *g* I was convinced that the full list would take much more effort than it actually did, but it's done now, and I hope that it proves to be useful *g*

GSoC is coming to an end! I'm eager to get the new RTE integrated into the next version. I also want to see what the update page looks like in other site schemes.

I keep meaning to post about how it actually feels to work for Dreamwidth, but I keep putting it off. One thing that has changed, though, I appear to have turned into a morning person. I used to drag my heels getting out of bed, but lately I have been getting up at 6/7am to do work. Somehow all this seems worth waking up early for. Scary thought, but also fun.
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